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At Computers To Go we’re committed to delivering IT services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Client Testimonials

At Computers To Go we’re committed to delivering IT services that meet and exceed your expectations.

I have had 2 very positive experiences with Computers to Go repairing my 2012 Mac Book Pro. First time they replaced the hinge and display (I broke two years ago). January 2021 they totally rejuvenated it with a new battery, charging port & SD card reader. In both cases, staff was very professional, fast & economical. Ready next day, like new & reasonable. With great local service like this, I am so happy with Apple products and to be completely free of Microsoft & Windows perpetual problems.

Sept 2023***** Updating my 2021 Review…. Computers to Go is STILL the BEST Apple/Mac repair to be found. In my experience, far better / faster / cheaper / nicer than Apple OR Apple Authorized service (Best Buy). Over the years they have replaced batteries and screens on 3 iPhones, kept my 2012 MacBook Pro good as new…. fixing multiple issues promptly, often an hour or two later or same day 🙂

Mark A

I was hacked. I was panicked ! My hotmail email stopped on a Friday, same day my son sent a message that I needed to change my password. On Monday, still no email. Tried to fix myself, tried to fix online, took problem to my carrier, they suggested Geek Squad. Geek Squad couldn’t fix it. Another computer place recommended Computers To Go. I walked in not too hopeful at that stage. I met Jac and Dylan. I need you these guys were so helpful. They worked on it for over an hour. And after trying everything, Zac found I had been hacked by someone in Asia. All my settings were changed by the hacker. Zac would not give up. Fixed my settings, all of a sudden there were
my emails. They were Awesome, kind, patient, just wonderful! I highly recommend these guy. I am so grateful to have found them.

Owen H

The staff is very helpful with getting you what you need, not what they want to sell. After fixing an issue with my video card, they pointed out how jank my system was and set me up with a better system for not much more than the franken-system I had.
Also, they print stl files. If you need a mini printed, go to them with a couple stl’s and they can help you make your money go further than just a per-piece price.
Tell them what you need and they’ll help you get there.

Jar S

This place is great. The people that work here are super knowledgeable. I personally brought my gaming laptop here to be looked at for a crashing issue. They were able to help me out and educated me on quite a few things which will help extend the life of my system. Although I brought a laptop for them to work on. I did notice they were also working on phones, tablets, and of course desktops. After being in this shop 2 times I wouldnt go anywhere else to have my system worked on or even have one built. Thanks guys!

Curt A

They were great with recovering data from my computer. They did everything they possibly could to help recover lost files. Excellent service and even offered additional options that could increase the speed of my computer!

Kelsi M

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